Biographical Statement

          Similar to many great artists, Chusit is fascinated by the beauty of the human body. He unlocks his imagination to be ethereal. His charismatic, realistic, and idealistic style combine with the ethereal atmosphere in his paintings, never ceases to amaze people by showing how sublimely beautiful, and mysterious the nature of the human form is.

           When he was 16 years old, he received the first prize in Thai Art from his college and the first prize of National Art and Craft Competition for skill and competence in Graphic Arts, for all the art colleges of Thailand. In 1992, he passed the examinations at the top university of fine art in Thailand, Silpakorn University, where he studied from 1992-1997. During his second year of study at the University, he learned the old master techniques from the German artist, Wolfgang Maria Ohlhauser, who selected him from many art students at Thai universities to receive a scholarship to study in Germany. While at the university, he researched Eastern Art and Western Art that especially related to his artistic essentiality, receiving first prize in the Art Exhibition and Competition of Paintings as representations of Songkran Festival and family day symbol.

          Silpakorn University has educated many famous artists, including honor graduate Chusit. In addition to the scholarship to study in Germany, Chusit received another scholarship to study the techniques of making porcelain dolls in the United States. Chusit works constantly on his paintings, and works on his hobby, sculpting porcelain dolls, using the techniques which he learned from his European and American teachers.

          In 1999, at the age of 25, one of his portrait paintings, “The Royal Portrait of Princess Phra Suphan Kallaya” made headlines in many newspapers and the covers of a number of many magazines, making his paintings well known in Thailand. The portrait of the princess that he painted became synonymous with the image of the iconic Thai historical heroine who was living in the 1600s.

           Afterwards, he finished painting a set of paintings of the princess for a private collector. Chusit continues painting the Royal Family, His portrait of the Queen of Thailand appeared on the cover of the Dichan, one of the best selling magazines for women in Thailand, celebrating the traditionally auspicious sixth-cycle birthday of her Majesty, Queen Sirikit in 2004. This painting was purchased by the president of Thai Farmers Bank, who subsequently presented it to the Queen. In 2005, Chusit contributed to the Cardiac Children Foundation of Thailand, sharing four of his paintings to be printed as greeting cards for this very worthy charity. He continued by painting “The Royal Portrait of Her Royal Highness, Princess Srirasmi”. This painting was commissioned by Volume magazine to be presented to the princess, and the painting was made public in 2006. Furthermore, In December 2005, Chusit was selected as an Artist Member of the California Art Club, which was established in 1909, eligible to participate in art exhibitions, including the prestigious annual Gold Medal exhibitions and various public venues such as museums and galleries in the United States.

          Many magazines and newspapers report on the mysterious quality of Chusit’s artwork and his talent which appeals to discerning art collectors. Chusit continually challenges himself with different genres of the most classic of artistic subjects. It is a way for him to create a pure, ideal, and spiritual reflection of the world, as if viewed from the eyes of the angels in his paintings.